5 May 2016

Junior Team Maths Challenge

At the Junior Team Maths Challenge at Harrow International School, Island School’s teams placed third and tenth in a competition including 31 teams on 5 May 2016.

Each team competed in three rounds; the group challenge, the cross number round and the relay race where teams have to complete one question before running to collect the next. The competition tests mathematical knowledge, problem solving strategies, computational accuracy and above all team work.

The teams
Team 1, third place:
Reagan Lee (9W), Devan Gangwani (8W), Nathaniel Ho (8D) and Eugene Law (7E).

Team 2, tenth place:
Van An Trinh (9N), Seungyeon Lee (9N), Rachel Adams (8W) and Shelly Peng (8R). Team 3 consisted of Timmy Liu (7W), Sammi Hung (7W), Grace Zheng (7F) and Aryan Jauhari (7D).

Maths Teacher Katherine Chiu said: “The teams competed against Year 8 and Year 9 students from other schools, and their results were very encouraging. Many congratulations.”