2 Jun 2017

Junior Team Maths Challenge

At the Junior Team Maths Challenge, Friday 26 May, eight Year 8 & 9 students attended the competition at Harrow International School. It was a 3-hour team competition which tested problem-solving skills and team work in three rounds: group, cross-number and the relay round.

Nathaniel Ho (9D) said, “The Junior Maths Competition is a very unique competition. Every round is different, and requires teamwork as well as logic to solve the problems. Overall, I enjoyed the competition a lot.”

Team A came second out of 33 teams:
Nathaniel Ho (9D), Nao Tamura (8N), Angus Yiu (8E) and Shelly Peng (9R)

Team B
Charmaine Chan (8F), Yu Hang Hui (8R), Angus Smeaton (8N) and Curtis Yan (8N)