5 May 2021

Student Triumphant at Junior Public Speaking Championships

Three students represented Island School at the virtual 2021 Junior Individual Public Speaking Championships on the 1st May, 2021. Competing against 60+ students, Vijay Narayanan (8F) placed second in the Persuasive Speaking event and came 8th overall in the entire competition.

The competition tests students’ ability to speak persuasively and think critically. The team of three had to compete in three main categories — Persuasive Speaking, Interpretive Reading and Impromptu Speaking. 

In Persuasive Speaking students explored a range of topics, including corruption, cyberbullying and more. They not only had to discuss the problem, but also had to come up with innovative solutions to them. In Interpretive Reading, students were challenged to take an extract and give their own spoken interpretation of the piece. Lastly, in Impromptu Speaking, they were pushed to think on the spot, coming up with a 3-5 minute speech in 3 minutes using an unseen topic.

Vijay Narayanan (8F) says: “I definitely feel very happy, being the youngest in the Top 10 winners doesn’t happen every time! Being in this competition taught me a lot about the importance of not waiting for the result, rather enjoying every experience. 

More than happiness at being selected in the 8th place, I feel as I’ve learned many valuable learnings, maybe the importance of thinking before you leap, as I was reminded in the impromptu round, having misinterpreted the topic, or gaining new knowledge after extensive research for the persuasive round. 

Overall, I feel like this was a great opportunity and am very pleased with my result! I shouldn’t forget to thank my mentors, they were the driving force behind my success. Without their extensive feedback on my draft speeches and videos and their prepping for the impromptu round, I would have never gotten 8th place!”

Yu Hang Hui, Head of Public Speaking Club says: “Vijay met all the challenges thrown at him with composure and confidence. The other student leaders and I cannot be more proud of the way Vijay developed as a public speaker over the short period of time and embraced his unique style.”

The following students represented Island School: Vijay Narayanan (8F), Katrina Hon (9R) and Alexandra Lai (9W).


You can watch Vijay’s persuasive speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA29EFSXBgI 

Article by Grace Zheng, Media Team