9 May 2016

Junior Debate Team Wins Four Out of Five Rounds


After a full day of rebuttals, rhetoric and intellectual clashes the junior debate team won four out of five rounds at the Junior Schools Debate Debate2Championships at Good Hope School, 7th May 2016.

The Year 9 students competed against other elite schools in intense rounds of debating concerning motions from doctor-patient confidentiality to executive pardons.

Team Trainers, Aayush and Bakhita Year 10 said: “The debaters were committed, responsible and showed great collaboration. Although they narrowly missed out on the finals, it was a remarkable achievement for Island School. Congratulations on an outstanding performance.”

Priscilla Lee (9F)
Daanyal Ebrahim (9D)
Maryjoy Kawano (9W)
AJ Montajes (9F)
Megan Man (9E)

Special thanks must go to; Mr Greg Forse, Mr Nason, Andrea Chin, Matthew Ling, Chak Kei Lau, Chul Soo Ahn, Aayush Batwara and Bakhita Fung who dedicated time and effort to train the juniors.