22 Feb 2018

It’s A Doctors’ Life For Me

Aspiring Island School doctors heard medical students talk about ethics in the workplace last month on a trip to CUHK (Chinese University HK).

The would-be doctors took part in a Medical Ambassador Leadership Programme which included, a lecture by Professor Albert Lee about Public Health, and one from Professor Vincent Mok (Assistant Dean of Medicine, CUHK) about a doctor’s life and HK medicine admissions.

This was followed by a workshop with medical students about medical ethics. Then as a team the visiting Year 12 Island School students were challenged to produce work to help create awareness of HPV (Human Papillomavirus virus) and its possible preventions.

Megan Lee, one of the students who attended the Programme said, “I found the symposium very stimulating. I learnt a lot more about what it means to be a doctor, and the value of virtues such as empathy, compassion and tenacity.”

“The talks from CUHK professors were very informative and will definitely be useful when I write my personal statement/application.”

“The medical students gave us insight into the realities of med school. I would recommend participating in this programme for anyone interested in healthcare related careers.”

The students who took part in the course,
Carissa Lee
Christina Lee
Robin Yung
Megan Lee
Anthony Leung
Mallika Laul
Roman Ho