30 Nov 2020

This year, ISPTA’s support focuses on the Sciences

During 2020-21 the focus of ISPTA’s donations was in Science.

We are pleased to be able to support the new Elements courses, as well as the IB courses, with an impressive list of equipment: ABO Blood Type Simulation, Brain Pop, Build Your Own Solar Cell, CSI PCR Reagent Kit, Gizmos Online, Horizon Energy Box, Kitchen Chemistry Kit, Pocket Anemometer, Student Digital Joulemeter, Vacuum Pump, and Wind Renewable Energy Kits were on the list.

Support also went to the Film Department with a Lightform Projector, and the PE department with Heart Rate Monitors.

Food Technology received Air Fryers, Rice Cookers and Pressure Cookers, and Design Technology a plastic shredder which they have put to good use.

The total value of donations exceeded $180,000.