29 Nov 2018

ISPTA Parent Quest Week and Holiday Socials 2018

ISPTA welcomed the Year 7 parents with a junk trip on October 5th 2018, joined by some of our ISPTA committee and principal Stephen Loggie. It was a great opportunity to get to know other parents, talk about the school and first school months, and to enjoy the great weather and always fantastic Hong Kong skyline.

When kids were at the camp, it was parents’ time to party! Year 7 and 8 parents got together for Happy Hour drinks at the American Club on Quest Week Wednesday, November 7th 2018. The well attended event saw parents chatting, getting to know others and making it a great use of the Quest week.

Year 9 and 10 parents got together for pre-Holiday Happy Hour at the American Club on Tuesday, November 27th 2018. It was a lovely event of catching up with other parents and meeting some new ones.

Year 11 parents opened the season for parent socials on September 21st 2018. Parents gathered at Oolaa Petite to catch up and talk about the important year ahead.

The social season was wrapped up with drinks for Y12 and 13 parents on November 29th 2018 at Oolaa on Bridges Street. It was a nice opportunity to chat with other parents about what the last two years will bring with them.