19 Jun 2020

Island Together Goes Live!

Island Together is a virtual showcase featuring music and creative work from Island School. The showcase features over 40 contributions from students, staff and alumni demonstrating a variety of performance, compositions and music videos.

Island Together was introduced by the Music Department to spark creativity whilst Island School was distance learning. Head of Music Joseph Travers says: “It was brilliant to see such varied and creative work being submitted. Music has the power to bring Island School together – every house and every year group are involved in the showcase.”

“Island Together gave students the time and space to reflect and find their personal voice, you can see this in the range of creative response,” added Phil Tudor, Head of Fleming House.

Marcus Yip 7R made innovative use of technology when composing his piece ‘Faraway’.

“I wanted to share my work and others encouraged me to join Island Together. In the middle of my piece you hear samples that I recorded from a train station in Japan. The voices at the end of the track come from the space launch of the Discovery.”, said Marcus.

The alumni IB Music Class of 2017 reformed from around the globe to produce a virtual medley which was arranged specially by Claudia Lau.

You can now listen to the Island Together playlist here.

Thank you to all students, staff and alumni who took the time and effort to contribute to this community event. A special thank you to Ms Winnie Cho for spending compiling and editing the Island Together playlist.

Island School Music look forward to sharing live music with you again soon!