2 Nov 2023

Island School Reaches semifinals @ World School’s Debating Championship Invitational

Island School was represented by two teams, at the Chinese International School World School’s Debating Championship Invitational tournament on 28 & 29 October. Both teams engaged in four fiery rounds of debate on a range of topics including the impact of social media on democracy, the criminal justice system, and social justice movements. They faced formidable opponents from KGV, DBS, FIS and CIS. Team 1 and Team 2 demonstrated their skill and dedication, securing the 3rd and 8th positions respectively out of 18 teams, which allowed them both to advance to the quarterfinals

Team 2 continued their success by reaching the semifinals after defeating DBS in quarterfinals. They confidently spoke on the issue of family members in political positions and running for office.

Team 1

(Isabelle WOO [12W], Alisha WONG [09WC], Seung June YOON [09FB])

Team 2

(Vincy LUNG [09WC], Charmaine WONG [09FC], Jodie LI [09DT)

Charmaine WONG [09FC] stood out with an impressive speaker with an average score of 70.75, earning her the commendable ranking of 5th best speaker in the Middle School category. Congratulations to Charmaine and all the debaters from Island School on their outstanding performance!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Barry for graciously dedicating his weekend to be with us as a teacher supervisor. Without his support, we would not have achieved such remarkable results.

Written by: 

Chloe WONG [11D]