29 Mar 2019

Island School Students at ESF Marketing Competition

At the Annual ESF Interschool Marketing Competition, sponsors Uncle Russ Coffee challenged teams to organise a marketing event to encourage brand awareness.

The competition held at Discovery College on, 27 March 2019, brought together 14 highly competitive teams from across ESF schools. Each team was given three challenges: to conduct a competitor analysis for the brand, to produce a 30-second promotional video to post on its social media platforms, and to organise a shop opening event to increase brand awareness among teenagers 16-18 years old. All teams had to present their proposals with related marketing material in an hour’s time.

Jonathan Yeung (12N), team member participated at the competition said, “The ESF Marketing Competition was a fantastic learning experience that enriched our perspective on the marketing operations of a business. And even under the strict deadlines, we enjoyed collaborating and working together as a team.”
The teams

Quito Camacho 12D (Captain)
Conrad Szymanski 12E
Garrett lam 12R
Raphael Tsang 12D
Junha Lee 12F
David Dasilva 12F

Fabian Tan 12R (Captain)
Jayden Halim 12R
Hayley Lam 12R
Jonathan Yeung 12N
Felix Ting 12N
Ryan Yap 12W