1 Dec 2017

Island School Sha Tin Wai and Tai Wai No Private Car Use Policy

Island School Sha Tin Wai and Tai Wai, No Private Car Use Policy

As a condition of gaining access to our relocation sites, ESF ‘s has agreed with the Sha Tin District Council to implement a mandatory no private car use policy as school operations start in our new decanting premises.

Policy Intent
The intention of this policy is to stop private car use for students and families getting to and from Island School each day.

Transport Arrangements

Parents, students and staff are advised that there is ample public transportation and school bus services to travel to and from school.

Policy Enforcement
The following actions will be taken by ESF Island School to implement this policy:

  • Provide staff to check and record any student being dropped off for school by private car.
  • Any family that is recorded as using private cars for drop off 2 times shall be sent a communication reminding them of this policy and our requirement for them to stop using private cars.
  • If the same family is recorded as using private cars for drop off a further 2 times, a letter shall be issued to the family reminding them that if private car use continues, further action may be taken by the school.
  • If the same family is recorded as using private cars for drop off 1 more time (a total of 5) then the family (parent and student) will be asked to attend a meeting with the school where the students’ extra-curricular activity privileges’ will be removed.
  • If the same family is found again to be using private car for drop off, then further action will be considered by the school.

In addition to the initial implementation phase, this policy shall be:-

  • Posted on the ESF Island School website
  • Regularly included in school newsletters
  • Discussed at school inductions and various parent meetings