28 Mar 2017

Island School Science Journal 2017

Dark matter, the science of addiction and understanding empathy are some of the topics in the newly published Island School science journal 2017.

The journal editors, Year 12 students, Dharesha Jhaveri and Millie Cummins collected articles written by students from different Year groups. Many of the articles have been inspired by recent research and news stories.

Eleven year-old Hugo Demoncourt’s article explains the HeLa cell – where it came from, what it is used for and how it works. Below he explains what they are used for,

“HeLa cells caused an enormous boom in medical research because for the first time, scientists were able to have consistent tests on the same base without it dying, as normal cells have a division limit and do not fare well outside the human body. Soon the cells were used to test on diseases like AIDS, Measles, Mumps, Ebola and many more. They are also used to test more simple products like tape, glue, pens to see if they are irritants or harmful.”

To read this and other articles from Island School’s science journal 2017 please click here.

The articles and their authors

How One Cell Can Save Many – Hugo Demoncourt
What is Dark Matter – Priscilla Lee
Can Diseases Be Cured By Recycling Cell Contents
Attack by Alien Species – Wendy Leung
Looking Through the Glass: Augmented Reality – Aruchi Gupta
Mirror Neurons: Gateway to Empathy – Olivia Bray
Turbulent Mind, Turbulent Flow – Prerna Roy
One From Outside, Two From Inside: Chimera – Disha Mehta
I Think, Therefore, I Am Conscious – Thomas Yik
Dead or Alive – Dharesha Jhaveri
The Science of Addiction – Millie Cummins