12 Jan 2018

Island School Now in Sha Tin, 12 Jan 2018

Buses & Bus passes
If your child does not have a bus pass or has the wrong bus pass they should go to the school office. If you would like to apply for a space on a bus or see the bus routes please click here. https://school.kcm.com.hk/island/

Lost property
All valuable items should be handed into the General Office on each of the campuses. On the Sha Tin Wai campus there is a box on the second floor by the lift. Student should go there to look for lost property. On the Tai Wai site student should go to a box on the covered playground.

Sign in is the same at Borrett Road students should tap their octopus card either at the main entrance or outside the office to register for school.  If your child is sick you should email the form tutor and absences@online.island.edu.hk

All Year 7 &8 student should have a locker assigned to them they should bring in a padlock. Form tutors can tell students where their locker is.
Year  10 to 13. All students have had a locker made available to them. These will be allocated from next week.

No car policy
Thank you to everyone who has supported our no car policy. The district council and police have been checking that we are meeting our agreement, so your support in this area is very valuable.

Activities bus
There will be internal transfer buses to move students from one site to the other at the end of the school day for activities. Students should wait at the Chartwells cafeteria where a member of staff will walk them to the bus. Students needing to go to the other site after school should be at the meeting point at 2:50pm . The bus will leave at 3pm sharp.

At 4:30 Mon, Tue, Wed and Thur the Tai Wai activities bus will pick-up students outside the school gate. At Sha Tin Wai the activities bus will pick up students outside the school. Students should go out the main gate turn, right and wait on the corner, there is no need to cross the road.