9 Mar 2018

Team’s Winning Streak at World Scholar’s Cup

Competing against 425 students in the World Scholar’s Cup, Island School won the Hong Kong regional round. The World Scholar’s Cup is dedicated to celebrating the joy of learning in over 50 countries. The competition involves four events: collaborative writing, debating, an individual quiz (the Scholar’s Challenge) and a team quiz (the Scholar’s Bowl). The topics of all four events are based on a theme, this year’s was An Entangled World.

  • Anya Saunders, Toto Yuen and Catherine Choi [11W] came first overall in the Senior Division, placing within the top 10 teams in all four events
  • Rachael Adams, Nicole Tam [both 10W], and Christina Lee [10E] came second in the Bowl
  • Gloria Leung [10E] was selected for the debate showcase
  • Van An Trinh [11N] placed 4th overall in the Challenge

Van An: “The team’s success extends across our whole delegation, with half of our team placing in the top 10 overall, the highest percentage of any school in Hong Kong.”

“The IS delegation would like to extend our gratitude to all the teachers, especially Mr Spanos, that helped us on every step of this journey. It was with the teachers’ assistance that we triumphed to the extent that we did.”

By Van An Trinh and Catherine Choi, Media Team