Island School Charities

Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Fund
In commemoration of two special young people, Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride, who tragically lost their lives in 1985, the Island School community, led by the PTA, raises funds to award selected students from local schools a cheque for HKD 2,500 to help with the cost of their education. In 2015 93 students were awarded a bursary.

Summerbridge is a non-profit organization that creates educational opportunities for secondary school students whose first language is not English. It provides comprehensive programmes to develop English communication skills by using; small class sizes, individual mentoring and hands-on learning strategies.  Summerbridge aims to develop students self-confidence and interest in the learning process. Key to its success is the ‘students teaching students’ model, creating a dynamic learning environment in which young people are the initiators and beneficiaries of the educational process. Principal Chris Binge chairs the Summerbridge board and courses are held at the school every summer.