24 Apr 2020

Island School Bridge Programme for Year 13s

The Island School Bridge Programme is an extension of the Thrive programme that aspires to ensure all students can be the best they can be.  The Bridge is specifically focused on preparing our Year 13 Leavers for life after they graduate Island School at the same time as ensuring they remain forever connected to the school.  

Once an Islander always an Islander!

The programme was created following the cancellation of all final examinations and the suspension of classes that have occured because of the impact of the Covid 19 virus.  There are four main themes to the workshops within the programme.

These sessions focus on physical and emotional wellbeing.  The aim is to inspire a healthy approach to life beyond school where Islanders instil healthy habits into their adult lifestyles.  Workshops include Yoga, Martial Arts, Fitness and Dance.

Preparation for University
The next step for the majority of students is life in university.  The degree of independence needed in Higher Education is a step up from school.  Workshops are designed to help students thrive in university.  Here we tap into our wonderful Alumni community to share their experiences in the wealth of different courses and countries that they study in.  We also have more practical workshops such ‘Survival Cooking for University’.

Academic Stretch
Islanders do have a passion for learning and promoting lifelong learning after school is a key part of the programme.  As well as helping students to identify online extension courses and avenues for further study, we hold workshops on subjects designed to challenge thinking.


Self Development
Self Development will arise through all workshops but there are specific workshops that cover areas such as leadership skills, public speaking and how to build a professional online profile.

ESF Connect
ESF Connect is the new online platform for Island School Alumni.  The Bridge Programme will introduce the class of 2020 to the Alumni and also provide the vehicle for them to sign up to particular Bridge workshops.  Students need to create and login to their ESF Connect accounts and view the workshops available.  This will be updated as the term progresses.  The platform itself has enormous benefits to its members.  Island School and the ESF has an incredible network of Alumni.  We encourage all students to tap into this network and being forever connected to the school.