15 Sep 2017

Island School Alumnus Wins Miss Hong Kong

Juliette Louie with some volleyball players

Juliette Louie, Fleming, Class of 2013 has won Miss Hong Kong 2017, 3 Sep. She took time out of her busy schedule to catch-up with some of her former Island School teachers and current students.

A former Island School volleyball team player, Juliette, hit the ball around with the team on the Green Area. Teacher Mrs Stephanie Weathington who coaches the team said, “She is still a caring and enthusiastic young lady just as she was when she was a student.  She took time to talk to the players both about volleyball and her experiences as Miss Hong Kong.”

Juliette Louie and teachers

Teachers Mary Lacey Vittachi, John Pennel and Roger Wilkinson met her at the ESF center where they congratulated her on winning the contest and talked about life after Island School. Since leaving in 2011 Juliette studied in Canada at the University of Toronto before pursuing a career in dancing and acting. She is now starting 15 months of training with TVB, learning how to work in the TV industry.