24 Nov 2023

Island Currents Autumn Issue

Dear Island School! Island Currents is coming back to launch the Autumn Issue of Island Currents on the 30th of November. Get ready to immerse yourself into the intriguing articles written by our fellow students. Mark your calendars for November 30th and prepare to be swept away!

If you want to be involved, please do not hesitate to fill in this Google Form. Roles include photography, video editing and filming, graphic design, journalism and more!

We look forward to seeing you all being involved!

Media Heads
Celine Rusli: celine.rusli@online.island.edu.hk
Tari Ng: tari.ng@online.island.edu.hk
Michelle Cheung: michelle.cheung.cheung@online.island.edu.hk
Eugenie Kim: eugenie.kim@online.island.edu.hk