1 Nov 2017

Island BTEC Bistro Gets Five Stars

The Year 12 BTEC Hospitality students designed and prepared 150 meals, to serve to staff at lunchtime on the 27 October 2017. In teams students made different dishes and served them along with a feedback form, so students could evaluate the success of the service and food. Staff then paid what they thought it was worth.
Head of Food Technology and Hospitality Mr Lord said, “There was a really varied and interesting menu, which gave staff a difficult task of choosing which team to select.”
“Well done to all the teams there was lots of five stars all around and some excellent feedback!”

The teams and the menus,
Red Team:
Stir-fry seafood Vietnamese noodles with vegetable spring roll.

Yellow Team:
Korean spicy beef and broccoli served with brown rice.

Green Team:
Quinoa bean burger (homemade bread rolls) with a side of sweet potato fries and garlic coleslaw (the winning group).

Blue team:
Thai chicken satay, with steamed vegetables, and coconut rice (peanut sauce on the side).