19 May 2017

Island Arts Presents The Circus of Dreams

Dear Parents, Students, Friends, and Teachers:
Come one and come all!

We are writing to invite you to the Circus of Dreams, our celebration of Island Arts.
This extraordinary event is the culmination of months of work in Years 9, 10 and 11 Creative Arts Elements classes and includes original live music, dance and theatre performances, projections, art exhibitions, videos…and more!

The gates will fling open and refreshments will be ready under the big top from 6:30pm.  Your chaperones for the evening are our newly minted Year 12 Creative Arts Team and SURGE, the Island School Students Union. You will need to bring along 50HKD for a special souvenir scarf that will allow you to join a tour group and to enter the many sideshows on offer. You’re going to love it!
Come join the Circus!

Best regards,
The Island Arts Elements Team