23 Jan 2024

IS Team make it to the final of the Tech Challenge Competition

Three teams from Island School competed in the HK Tech Challenge VEX IQ Competition, on Sunday, 14 January. This is the culmination of many events for all the VEX IQ Teams in Hong Kong who want to make it to the World Championships in the USA.

The Knee Guards were most successful, scoring enough points to make it to the final matches.

Teams Crackers and Gruh spent much of the festive break working on their robots and took part in some great challenges in this premier VEX Robotics Competition.

The Teams:

The Knee Guards (Kary (C), Jack and Karsten)

Team Crackers (Sunwoo (C) and Osbert)

Gruh (Chloe (C), Jayden, Jaya and Max)

Mr Radcliffe, Design Technology teacher said,It is an indication of the strength of Island School’s Robotics program that these students made it this far, and I would also like to give a big shout out to the younger students in the Year 7-8 Robotics Elements course who have been working towards the similar goal in Semester 1.”

More than half the teams in the younger class managed to create robots capable of scoring blocks in this year’s VEX IQ Challenge! I hope that these students are keen enough to return later (the Game/Challenge changes every year). Perhaps they will be attending the HK Tech Challenge and competing against the best in HK in the future!”

If you would like to know more about Robotics at Island School, and how YOU can get involved, please get in touch with Mr Radcliffe gordon.radcliffe@online.island.edu.hk