25 Mar 2021

IS MG20 2021 – Building a Digital Future

Students from the Global Politics & MG20 Club debated the topic of ‘Global Innovations & Technology: Building a Digital Future’ on 9th March and 16th March 2021.

Model G20 gives students the opportunity to step into the role of high-ranking government officials from the world’s largest economies. They then collaborate with countries to achieve global prosperity through a common vision. 

Sam Hui (11W), chair for IS MG20 and club leader said, “For the past several months, our team has been working together to make this summit possible, in an online format. Thank you so much to all the guest speakers and members of our presidency team who have contributed so much in the process.”

“In my opinion, MG20 is not just about improving public speaking skills, it is also about understanding  human sympathy and empathy.  We debate why people come together in times of trouble to find solutions, and how to take meaningful and effective action.”

“During the difficult times of COVID-19, it is more than important for people, no matter their background to come together and face these situations as a collective group.”

Sean Lee (11N), chair for IS MG20 and club leader said, “Global Politics & MG20 Club gives students the chance to excel in leadership and teamwork qualities.  The students had fruitful discussions and fierce debates, before producing a communique with important blocs and policies that they believed could help the world achieve the momentum for recovery.  A world that leads on to a resilient, sustainable, inclusive, innovative and balanced digital economy.”

At the end of the summit:

  • Cyrus Ng (9F) was awarded Best Representative;
  • Jayden Yuen (7W) was awarded Outstanding Representative;
  • Allie Kwong (10N) was awarded Honourable Mention.

The club congratulates all participants on a fantastic performance. This activity is held weekly every Tuesday. Year 7-10 students who are interested in joining the club can sign up on the Gateway.

Mr Tony Williams, Head of Philosophy & Religious Studies, commented on the session. “The summit was planned and prepared and delivered in a very professional manner. Students clearly had a good in-depth knowledge of global politics. I hope this summit continues to gather support in the coming years, it is a wonderful opportunity for all political enthusiasts.”

Mr Tony Williams, Mr Ross Burrough, Mr Jason Wells, Ms Chilshe Chisulo and Mr Darren Siu also spoke at the summit as guest representatives.