26 Apr 2018

In the Hyperloop – The Island School Science Journal

From antimatter to genomes and pesticides, the students’ articles in the latest issue of the Island School Science Journal cover the many disciplines of scientific research. Students are invited to submit articles and the 12 best are selected by the editorial panel. The panel includes, Year 12 students, Matthew Wright, Sotaro Ogawa, Darren Mok and Mr Horner plus illustrations  by Etyan Cohan.

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Head of Science Johnny Horner said, “ I am pleased to say that there were a number of students who wrote amazingly detailed, well researched and interesting articles.”
“Above all else, the aim is to inspire the students to love science and continuing studying it in the future. I know that many in the past have been really motivated by this process and have used it as a platform to go on to study Science in their future careers.”

The completed journal is sent to the Life Sciences Faculty at Manchester University in the UK for review and feedback.