16 Mar 2019

#impact Founder Regina Larko at Speaker’s Hour

Founder, host and producer of “#impact” podcast, Regina Larko told students about her journey into audio at an interactive Speaker’s Hour, on the 5 March 2019.

Regina was interviewed by Kaven Wijeyekoon (12F) and Natasha Mather (12E). They heard, along with the rest of their Year group, how Regina was inspired to pursue a career which is totally different from her academic studies and how she overcame self-doubt and kept following her passion. An open Q&A session followed the interview.

Austrian, Regina Larko’s podcast aims to raise awareness for the work of social enterprises, charities, NGOs and individuals that give back to society. She speaks to game changers who are impacting the world with their work.

Kaven and Natasha both recalled that it was a new and different experience.

“It was the first time we have had Speaker’s Hour in this format. What made this interview experience special was that we didn’t just ask questions that have a straightforward answer, and she wasn’t just telling us the basic information. We actually collaborated with her to make this interview more interactive and interesting. We also got to know the intricacies of podcasting – when she sent us the preparation sheet (that she uses on her podcasts) and we joined her for a Skype call with one of her guests.”

“We really enjoyed the experience.”

#impact podcast launched on Apple Podcasts in February 2017.

For more information about #impact click here