12 Apr 2019

Imaginings 2019

Imaginings is Island School’s annual magazine which aims to highlight the Arts, and the artistic talents within the school. It provides the opportunity for students to express themselves creatively – works include but are not limited to literary pieces, paintings, music, and photography surrounding a chosen theme. The magazine celebrates the diversity within our school community and is a great encapsulation of the Island School Spirit.

This year, we have chosen the theme “You are Enough” to raise awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing and to encourage the Island School community to focus on its intrinsic value and self-worth. For the very first time, we have decided to publish two online versions alongside the printed magazine – one as the digital copy of the printed magazine and the other showcases all submissions, shortlisted or not.

Please take a look at the multitude of talents within our school community by clicking on the link below, and we hope you enjoy this year’s edition of Imaginings!


The Imaginings Team