23 Nov 2021

Picture Story

Professional photographer Georgina Morson of ImageBox guided senior students through a portraits photoshoot as part of their IBCP photography unit, last week.

Students were tasked with telling a story about the person they photographed. The photography subjects [models] were asked to bring in objects that help tell a story about themselves, bringing in items such as Uno cards, ballet shoes, wooden Katanas and skateboards.

“As Chapman Cheung (12F) stepped up on a stool to toss flour over me for an action shot, I heard Ms.Word playing her violin in the corner on the floor. I thought to myself, this is so Island School!” said Vice Principal Beth Hall, who donned her favorite feminist apron for the shoot.

“It made a big difference to have a professional photographer to give us feedback and advice during this shoot,” said Charlotte Chau, 13D.

“Earlier this year we talked about how photographers make photos happen, not just take photos,” said Evan Psillides. “Ms.Morson showed us how she made the right moments happen with the client by talking with them and directing them.”

“In the beginning of the unit students said they thought equipment was the #1 difference between professional and amateur photographers, ” said Creative Media Teacher Tessie Word. “Georgina helped them see that it’s the connection between the photographer and the client that makes all the difference- and they can make that difference happen too.”