11 Jul 2019

Senior School Exam Results, 2019

This year 3 students achieved the maximum IB Diploma score of 45 points and 3 more scored 44 points. The average score was 36 with a 98% pass rate and an impressive 28.5% of students achieved over 40 points.  The students with a maximum score of 45 points are: Megan Lee, Bakhita Fung and Matthew Ling. The three students with 44 points were Justin Mak, Alice Zhang and Nobel Chan.

For the Applied Learning Pathway 8 students achieved a maximum of 3 Distinction* grades.  69% of all grades were at Distinction * and the overall pass rate was 100%.  The students with all Distinction * grades were Jennifer Frawley, Hitesh Hemnani, Daniel Mariano, Kirsten McCosh, Hannah Olsen, Kisha Parekh, Mae Sapo and Niamh Tait.

We congratulate all of the students on their results and wish them the very best for the future.

IBO Worldwide data for May 2019 is not yet available so May 2018 data has been provided. The worldwide data has stayed fairly consistent over the last few years.

Table 1: Overview of IB Diploma Results (2015-2019)
Note: These are preliminary data and do not yet reflect the outcomes of any appeals that may be made regarding individual students and subjects.