25 Oct 2019

UK visiting Artist Ian Murphy’s Workshop

UK Visiting Artist Ian Murphy worked with students from Years 11-13 during a 4-day workshop held on 21-24 October, 2019.

From small line drawings in pen to A1-sized graphite pieces, students worked on a range of artworks, building up in both their experience and technique. In Preparation for the workshop students collected a series of photographic research relating to their chosen area of study. Year 13 students also focused on creating collagraph prints, building up their IB portfolios.

Renee Wong, 11N said: “It was really inspiring to not only see his work, but also hear about all the different approaches he takes towards creating and developing his pieces. I have new ideas I can now use for my art exam.”

Megan Chan, 11N said: “The workshop was a great experience – I learned many new techniques and working with a variety of media helped me push out of my comfort zone. I found the pace quite fast at first – but at the end of the day, I never thought I could finish so many pieces all at once!”

“The students had a fantastic experience adapting the techniques. They really challenged themselves, took risks in their work and made connections to their own personal project themes. Well done everyone, fantastic outcomes of work!.” said Helen Palmer, Head of Visual Arts.

Article written by Grace Zheng, Media Team
Photographs by Kimberley Ng, Media Team

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