31 Oct 2022

Hong Kong Shark Foundation – Beach Cleanup Success!

To raise awareness for ocean conservation, Island School’s Shark ambassadors collaborated with Hong Kong Shark Foundation and organized a beach cleanup on October 22nd at Nim Shue Wan Beach in Discovery Bay. We rallied 22 volunteers and picked up 22 bags of plastic waste, amassing  over 266 kgs of trash!
Huge shoutout to the volunteers who participated in the cleanup.
The Shark Ambassadors is lead by Ms Andrea Richey and Ray Yao (12F). Interested students can email Ray Yao (ray.yao@online.island.edu.hk) or Kayol Ma (kayol.ma@online.island.edu.hk). We’re looking forward to hosting more events in the future! Stay tuned! Follow our instagram @hongkongsharkfoundation