29 Jan 2024

HKYP Tournament 2024 Championship

Island School wins the 4th edition of the Hong Kong Young Physicists Tournament on 29th Jan 2024. A total of 14 teams from Hong Kong schools participated and joined the Island School team in the largest tournaments in this history.

Teams scored points by presenting the best description of a physics phenomena and by opposing the presenting team.  Challenges included explaining how a droplet of water can act as a microscope, or how a rigid walker can move down a ramp.  

15 visiting professors from universities and Mr John Turner from the ESF Centre were the judges and once the points were added up Island School were announced as champions, snatching victory from Diocesan Girls School by only half a point. Congratulations to the champion team who are: Anthony Wong [12D], Arnav Gupta [12R], Peter Yoon [12D] and Isabelle Woo [12W]. Arnav will go on to represent Hong Kong in the International Young Physicists Tournament in Budapest in July 2024.  

Participating schools included: West Island School, Singapore International School, Po Leung Kuk, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Diocesan Boys School and Diocesan Girls School.

Mr Bayne said: “A special thank you must go to Mr Angus Tong of the Physics Department for his support of the teams and his organisation of the tournament.”