1 Nov 2017

Students And Staff Train For 50km Charity Hike

Island School’s staff and Year 12 students trekked 25km of the 50km Hong Kong trail, 29th October, in preparation for the Rainbow Trek taking place on the 9 December 2017. Beginning in 2005, the Rainbow Trek has been raising money for the NGO charity New Sight Congo, the first and only eye clinic in the Republic of Congo.

“Being blind is a hard thing, but being blind in a developing country is infinitely harder”, explains New Sight Congo Founder, Henri Samoutou, “Through rehabilitation, we seek to empower the blind to live as independently as possible. We act as advocates for the blind in the society.”

Many Year 12 Students found the Rainbow Trek a meaningful service experience. “It seemed terrible as I was doing it but the moment I finished, I was thankful that I didn’t skip it,” said Eunice Tai.

​By Matthew Ling, Media Team.