2 Dec 2016

Helper’s School to Host a Christmas Themed Event

Helper’s School, a student run initiative that offers free classes for Helpers, is hosting a Christmas themed event this month.

Helper School, part of the Social Justice group, invites helpers to free classes in; English, legal management, financial management, music, Zumba and yoga. Lessons are taught by a combination of students and professionals.

The Christmas themed Helper’s School will be held on Sunday 11 Dec 2016 and all helpers are welcome to attend. Previous Helper’s School events have seen over 100 helpers take part.

Helper School coordinator student, Rafa Chan said: “We encourage everyone to tell their helper about Helper’s School and suggest they should come with their friends.  It will be an exciting event and it is all free of charge.”

If you would like to help and have a skill or lesson that you wish to teach, contact us to volunteer at rafa.khan@online.island.edu.hk, dharesha.jhaveri@online.island.edu.hk and melodie.karbassian@online.island.edu.hk.

Please click “going” on the facebook event page, if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/1096272613761726/