8 Feb 2024

Helpers Appreciation Day

Helpers Appreciation Day 2024, is Island School’s chance to show gratitude towards the people who play such an important role in our lives everyday. With over 20 participants, the Social Action team hosted two activities: football and an art workshop.

Football, led by Y12 student Ethan Wong, helped to break the ice between everyone. This was followed by a surprise karaoke session before lunch. Everyone sang their hearts out and enjoyed some good lunch from Asia Pacific Catering. The last activity of the day was a lino art workshop run by Art Teacher Ms. Woods.

Katrina Hon 12R, Social Action leader, said:  “Throughout this experience, both students and helpers were able to build a connection and over a short period of time have formed bonds. Both the students and helpers had a wonderful time singing, playing football, creating art and of course, getting to know each other and everyone’s story. In essence, this experience was remarkable and we hope to continue this annual tradition for as long as we can! Thank you to the Y12 students who planned the event, as well as the Social Action team and the teachers who helped make the event happen. Lastly, a huge thank you to all the helpers who joined us to have fun.”