13 Jun 2018

Healthy Eating Week 2018

The first ever Island School Healthy Eating Week was launched on 11 June 2018 by the IB Food Science students, who have organised lots of activities throughout the week. Day one started with an assembly ran by the students to explain the healthy challenges that students can take on for the week. Then Year groups got straight into the activities, with a Year 9 healthy snack competition. The ‘Lord’s Kitchen’ Elements class are doing a mini business project to make and sell healthy falafels. Catering company Chartwells is running a smoothie bike all week, where students make their own smoothie, using pedal power.

Day two of Healthy Eating Week saw students from Year 8 taking the Technology Day healthy restaurant challenge.

In teams students created healthy dishes including, butternut squash and spinach lasagna, low sugar blueberry French toast and lean chicken burgers. To sell these tasty dishes, model restaurants were made, signs created and, waiting staff outfits produced.

There was a sensory analysis of the food prepared by the IB students; another group of winners in the Year 9 healthy snack competition; and a screening of the film ‘Super Size’ me at the film club. And more students rode the smoothie bike arranged by Chartwells, with lots of staff and student still working hard to achieve their own Healthy Eating Week challenges.

More interesting, fun and challenging activities on day three of Healthy Eating Week:

– Dietitian, Denise Fair, spoke to all the Y12’s about the importance of being healthy and making good food choices when going to University (many thanks to Denise).

– Sara won the Di Vinci cereal bar competition.

– Nicole and Kopal won the healthy meal design challenge in Elements class ‘Food Lovers’ Guide’ which was organised by Brita in Year 12.

– Elements class ‘Sweet Indulgence’ ran a healthy fruit loaf stall, and

– Staff and students getting to the half-way point of their healthy pledges

More news to come…