13 Jun 2018

Head of EAL (Full Time) deadline 5th June 2018

Head of EAL (Full Time) with a TLR3

 The school is looking for an experienced teacher to lead the English as an Additional Language team.

The successful candidate will manage a team of EAL teachers and Teaching Assistants. S/he will be responsible for departmental timetabling and planning, monitoring and recording students’ progress, maintaining students’ files and drawing up appropriate supporting documentation. S/he will also have a large role in the student admissions procedures of the school.

The HOD is responsible primarily for the quality of the teaching and learning experiences that students receive within the Department. However, this work must be set within the context of the curricular aims of the whole school and HOD’s are, therefore, expected to contribute towards defining and realizing the whole school aims.

The HOD is responsible for the management of the staff within the Department. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is linked to the Department. Ultimately, however, the HOD is accountable to the Principal.

In addition, the HOD’s role as part of the management structure of the school is to: –

  • promote high and consistent standards of teaching and learning experiences
  • support and facilitate students to reach their full potential within the subject
  • offer a model of good practice
  • support and promote a consistent approach to agreed school policies

Job description for the Head of Department

 The statement that follows outlines the main duties of the Head of Department in relation to the curriculum, supporting teachers, communication and resources.

The Curriculum

  • Lead and support the process of school self-evaluation within the Department
  • Monitor all aspects of staff’s work within the Department
  • Formulate appropriate schemes of work with the Department, which give detailed and clear guidance in content for staff and which reflect a range of teaching and learning The design and content of the Schemes of Work should be periodically reviewed with staff when appropriate.
  • Develop a Departmental Handbook which can be easily updated
  • Arrange students into teaching groups as considered appropriate and to update lists with the
  • Ensure that assessment is consistent with respect to frequency and adheres to clear and agreed criteria within the Department
  • Ensure that homework is set and marked in accordance with the homework policy of the
  • Ensure that students are well prepared for examinations, that assessment requirements are met and that there are systematic procedures for the moderation of
  • Provide information with regard to internal and external exams to the examination officer, including lists of entries for external

Supporting Teachers

  • Guide and support all teachers and ancillary staff within the Department, especially new staff and to ensure that information about reporting procedures, Parents’ Evenings and examination procedures is
  • Ensure that appropriate work is set for classes when members of the department are unavoidably absent and not able to provide it
  • Ensure that effective support is provided within the Department if behaviour problems occur within the subject teaching time. The Head of Department is the first point of referral for such


  • Hold regular department meetings to co-ordinate the work of the department and to involve teachers in making decisions on key issues. Meetings should be minuted and copied to
  • Give advice to students concerning the subject and to parents at the Options Evening
  • Encourage the celebration of student achievement through display and the signing of the Principal’s


  • Ensure that resources are up to date and in line with new curriculum developments
  • Ensure that resources are secure, well organised and accessible
  • Ensure the proper use of the department’s rooms and associated areas
  • Maintain an up to date inventory of all

The successful candidate should have:

  • A relevant degree and postgraduate qualification / internationally recognized teaching qualifications and a qualification in Special Educational Needs
  • A strong commitment to an inclusive approach to meeting the needs of all students
  • The ability to lead and inspire others and to manage a team effectively
  • The ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with teachers and other relevant professionals, parents and students
  • A sound knowledge of a range of Special Educational needs and strategies to support students’ learning across the curriculum
  • An understanding of current developments in the teaching of literacy
  • Excellent leadership, management and administrative skills
  • Experience of a range of assessment strategies for identifying students’ needs and supporting learning
  • A commitment to pastoral care within the school
  • A commitment to extra-curricular
​P​lease apply by email with a letter supporting your application, no longer than a maximum of one side of A4,  to Betty (e) betty.tsu@online.island.edu.hk by 5.00pm ​15th June 2018.