22 Aug 2023

Hang Seng New-Gen CEO Incubation Programme

Sophie Lee (10N) and Audrey Lee (10D) both participated in the Hang Seng New-Gen CEO Incubation Programme this summer.

This four-week transformative initiative is aimed at nurturing the next generation of business leaders aged 15 to 20 and covers a wide range of business and finance topics, including personal finance and business finance, successful stories sharing, vocational skills and competence training in this four-week programme.

Among the top 50 participants, the top 5 participants presented their business ideas to the judging panel on the same day and competed for the top 3 awards – Hang Seng Future Entrepreneur Award, Most Sustainable Business Idea Award and Most Creative Business Idea Award.

Sophie’s business proposal was selected as the winner of the Hang Seng Future Entrepreneur Award and received high regards from the judges. Audrey’s proposal was also amongst the top 50 participants.

Judges of the panel included Dr. Peter Wong, Chairman of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Poman Lo, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels International, and other notable guests.

Congratulations to both Sophie and Audrey for the participating, their passion, creativity, and dedication are truly inspiring.