17 Mar 2021

Green Week 2021, Precious Plastic

The Precious Plastics team – also known as the Circular IS team – have been implementing projects to raise awareness about the global plastics problem. Their goals are to: repurpose, involve and educate. They are encouraging students to recycle plastic and then they are creating new products from plastic waste. Plus they are educating students about the circular economy – which eliminates waste through the repurposing of resources.

The team has built machines that turn waste plastic into new products. First plastics are sorted and then shredded before being put through an extruder and a moulding machine. Final products such as lamp stands or mobile phone covers are polished – ready for use. Recently, their shredding machine was upgraded to speed up operations. The team is looking forward to introducing this to interested students who want to find out more.

The Precious Plastics team hopes that with more help they can create other products such as benches, stools, keychains, bottle openers etc.

Everyone is welcome to join in the process and find out more about the affects of plastic on wildlife and the simple things we can all do to have a big impact.

The team takes Type 2 and Type 5 plastics from the recycling stations set up by WANBO. Instead of throwing the plastic you use away, bring it to school and put it in the collection bins.

The collection site at TW is near the front entrance and the collection site at STW is in the undercover area near the playground.