17 Mar 2021

Green Week 2021, Inter-House Carton Collection Challenge

Time is running out to get your food cartons to your House office!

Bring your washed and cut cartons to your House office before the 18 March 2021. The more cartons you collect, the more House points you will receive! Cartons must be cut and washed as per these instructions. Remember to remove any plastic lids or spouts otherwise they will not be counted! Watch this short film clip to see how it is done.

Cartons will be sent off to Mil Mil, a pulp mill and education center that recycles beverage cartons in Hong Kong to produce paper pulp products.

Collection Updates

Mr Burrough and the WANBO Ambassadors have been staying after school to ensure cartons collected are cleaned and cut properly, as well as counting and bundling them up.

Here is the leaderboard of the Inter House Carton Collection Challenge after the second week.

  1. Wilberforce
  2. Da Vinci
  3. Einstein
  4. Nansen
  5. Rutherford
  6. Fleming

Congratulations to Wilberforce that received the most house points so far and a massive thank you to all those who have brought in their cartons. We look forward to seeing more of them next week. Good luck!

Sean Lee (11N), WANBO leader said, “The community’s effort and commitment is necessary today more than ever to address the issue of waste, and we have collected 2311 cartons in total so far! On behalf of WANBO, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has participated in this challenge.”

“I love that while we are helping the environment we are also getting House points. I look forward to similar inter-House events in the future.” commented Ady Lam (11E), WANBO member.

Marcus Pun (11D) WANBO member said, “Recycling tetra packs (food cartons) has been a new trend recently, and these can be made into all kinds of new products such as tables or even bricks for construction. So I urge everyone to take action and start helping our planet.”