29 Jun 2018

Going Solo, Year 8s Independent Learning

The Year 8 students exhibited the results of their ‘Solo E’ projects to parents and staff on 27 June 2018. The Solo E project challenges students to pick a topic they want to investigate and then take their learning further. Students are encouraged to form a research question, under take varied and in depth research and then produce a creative outcome which demonstrates their understanding. Where possible they should take action as a result of this work.

Exhibitors talked to teachers and classmates about their research process e.g. who they interviewed and what they did with their new knowledge.

The results of the projects include; an organic cosmetic range complete with branded packaging, an animation about the impact of shark finning and an instruction video for beginner climbers.

The Solo E projects were judged by the principal, teachers and special guests. The winner of the Solo E prize this year went to Charlie Lam who researched the topic of plastic surgery for children and who has organized a petition against such procedures for children under the age of sixteen. She won the ‘Stephanie and Samantha Kelly Prize for the Solo E Project’ a cash prize of $2,500.

The Solo E projects are part of the Island Time curriculum that focuses on skill development. Skills such as creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Vice Principal and Island Time lead Teacher Julian Reed said, “The quality of the Solo E’s was excellent. Students have learnt some really important research skills that will help then throughout their time here and beyond.”
“I am extremely proud of them all.”