24 Feb 2021

Global Politics & MG20 Club Competition

Students from the Global Politics & Model G20 Club put their knowledge to the test, this week, in a political economy competition, exploring the interaction of countries globally.

The club trains students to develop communication and leadership skills by looking at different world issues. This term students have been investigating the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Venezuelan hyperinflation crisis, and the Afghan war. Through activities, discussions, and group work, students have considered  the importance of respecting and embracing diverse opinions, and what it means to be critical and creative thinkers. Their activities are building up to a political skill extravaganza, involving the debate of a contemporary global crisis.

On Tuesday 23 February, student teams completed questions: on the role of governments and NGOs, the features of trade, the importance of treaties and deals between countries within a limited time.

A huge congratulations to Evan Zhang (9W), Natalie Chan (10D), Clementine Chou (7D), and Perla Au (7D) for winning the inaugural ‘IS Political Economy Competition’, demonstrating superb knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered so far in the club. The competition tested analytical, collaboration, problem-solving skills and above all teamwork. Well done!

The following students were part of teams that achieved joint second: Angus Leung (10N), Aiden Cheung (8D), Bernard Ching (7F), Sophie Low (8R), Cyrus Ng (9F), Arthur Jiang (9F), Yelena Bracovic (8W) and Jedidiah Leung (7W).

Sam Hui (11W), Global Politics & MG20 club leader said, “Over the past few weeks, students have been building upon their knowledge of world issues and we wanted to showcase their learning. The competition gave students the opportunity to enrich their understanding of global affairs and how countries interact. We’re really thankful for all the enthusiasm towards this activity and the fantastic effort each and every student put in.  All of the work submitted was very impressive which made it very difficult for us to decide the overall winners. However, the winning team stood out by showing finesse in their analysis and confidence in their skills. Congratulations on a great performance!”

“Global Politics Club is all about discussion and sharing ideas and opinions. Thanks to all the enthusiasm and the fantastic effort from all of the students. Hence I would like to say a massive congratulations to all students and winners, for their continuous dedication and commitment. We look forward to seeing impressive performances in our first Model G20 during March,” said Sean Lee (11N), leader of Global Politics & MG20 Club.

This activity is held weekly every Tuesday. Year 7-10 students who are interested in joining the club can sign up on the Gateway.