22 Jan 2018

Getting To Grips With Grid References, Team Wins First Maths Trail Award

A group of Year 9 students has won the first ever Maths Trail Presentation Award for their work with tape measures and maps in the Aberdeen Country Park.

The winning team used grid references, catenary lines and gradients to collect data about the park, they made a 13 minute video and presented their findings to Principal Stephen Loggie.

Maths Teacher Ms Katherine Fok said: “The group* won the Maths Trail Presentation Award because they incorporated very high quality Maths with everyday life in an interesting manner.”

Zekie, a student from the winning group said, “The main objective of the Math Trail challenge is to produce a final piece, whether it be a video, a presentation or even a cartoon. The content itself was mainly drawn from the work we completed on our trip to Aberdeen Country Park. We collected data about the size of the reservoirs and the surrounding areas plus slope gradients.”

“Before we set out on the trail, we researched the quickest way to get around the park, which meant that we only had to double back on one of the trails. And we had more time to collect data.”

“During the trip, one of the most memorable moments was definitely at the nullah. Most of our questions were centered on the area. Thus, we spent quite a lot of time there.”

I learnt a lot doing the Maths Trail challenge, I’ve discovered quite a lot of things about water in Hong Kong as well as catenary lines. Everyone in the class learnt a lot, I think.”

“It feels great to have won the award!”

The team produced a video for their final outcome. Here is the link to their 13-minute video.

*The winning group, Zekie Lung, Melanie Hsieh, Soo Jung Lee and Ashlyn Kim.