18 Mar 2024

Gecko Maths Tournament 2024

On January 26th, all Y7 students were able to participate in the First Round of the Gecko Maths tournament. It was an exciting time where each form was broken up into teams of 4-5 mixed-ability students who worked together to solve a variety of Maths problems. At the end of the 30-minute competition and a tiebreaker question, Rutherford was declared the winners with 152 points and Wilberforce a close second at 147.

However, the fun did not end there as the highest-scoring team from each form was then promoted to the Gecko Maths Finals that took place this past Tuesday, March 12th. In addition to the 12 Y7 Form teams, we had two teams each from Beacon Hill, Glenealy and The Peak join the competition. After 40 minutes this time, Jayden Han, Daana Raman, Kora Rosenthal, and Jayden Teoh from 7NM were the winners with 7RL one point behind and then a three-way tie between 7EC, Glenealy Team 1 and The Peak Team 1. Congratulations to all who participated and we look forward to hosting the tournament again next year!