27 Feb 2017

Gecko Maths 2017 – Closest Competition Ever

At the Gecko Maths competition students from Years 6-7 were challenged to solve problems in teams, 24 Feb 2017. Unlike some Maths competitions where students sit quietly to write the paper, Gecko Maths contestants work in teams of four with one person being the runner. The runner gets the questions one at a time from the marker and then runs back to the marker when their team works out an answer.

With 24 Year 7 students and 32 Year 6 students competing this turned out to be the closest competition ever. After 40 minutes of excitement, five teams tied in second place but 7N was the winner by two points.

The champion team consisted of Oswald Lau, Charlotte Man, Jordan Mendes and Natalie Mitchell.

Maths Teacher Katherine Fok:Many congratulations to the winners and to the students who made it to the Final. Well done!”