7 Oct 2022

Gardening Club Designs the Community Garden

The Gardening Club have been working in the community garden on campus this week. Students have planted tomato, chilli, lemon balm, mint and rosemary. Cucumbers and potatoes are planned for the future. Look out for tasty and nutritious organic vegetables in the coming months!

Teacher Mr Peter Sims commented, “Whilst this is helping the environment, community gardens are also a powerful tool for improving the wellbeing and the happiness of our stakeholders.”

“This was a splendid start for the gardening club! Members were very excited to be the first students to access the gardening area on campus; they were all delighted to get to know each other and excited for the activities planned for the year ahead,” exclaimed student leader Angus Leung (12N).

The Gardening Club is led by Mr Howard Davis, Mr Peter Sims, Wen Kye Phua (12R) and Angus Leung (12N), supported by Horticulturist Mr Paul Melson. Interested students can sign up when activity sign-ups commence in Term 2.