10 May 2024

Garden Gang Update

As we move from spring to summer the Garden Gang are enjoying the fresh produce that is growing in our rooftop gardens. As the weather warms, our community garden gang members have harvested delicate greens such as lettuce, and arugula with root vegetables like carrots and radishes. Summer also gives us the opportunities for crops like cucumbers, melons, corn, long beans and an array of seasonal herbs.

The Spring/ Summer term has also brought forth an exciting opportunity to utilise compost from the schools new composter with collaboration with the WANBO composting team and the IS Trust. This will boost our supply of food waste compost to boost our sources of sustainable plant nutrition. 

Following extension to the decking area during the Easter holidays the LG2 community garden the team are starting work to enhance the natural planting in the borders to include more native flowering plants to create a butterfly garden. This work will be ongoing into the new school year as we continue to develop this space.