11 Apr 2018

Fashionistas Fundraise – charity fashion show, Anaia 2018

With over 30 supporting, brands 5 student designers, 5 performers and 2 Elements lines, Anaia 2018 was one of the biggest shows in the event’s history. Now in its 4th year Anaia, has been growing in size and popularity, with tickets selling out fast. All the money raised from the event will be donated to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Center, a charity that supports patients and their families.

One of the organisers of the show, Avantika Malhotra explains what goes into putting on such a slick show. She said, “We formed our committee in late August 2017 and began working in September. The different committees all start working at the same time, so everything was done quite simultaneously. But it began with us deciding how to brand Anaia 2018. Then we start creating our promotional material (ANAIA FACES 2018 video and photos), organising model and performer auditions, contacting brands, seeking funding, working on the logistics with the school, opening submissions for student designers, going to networking events, volunteering with the charity, organising photo shoots with brands etc.”

“We emailed thousands of brands and hoped for responses, it was a lot of researching and networking.”

The committee is made up of the following groups and we had 36 members in total, Heads, Deputy heads, Creative directors, Model management, Entertainment, Advertisement, Public relations, Finance, Media, Backstage.

“The month of Anaia itself was hectic in ways I can’t describe, and, it blew me away to see the team all coming together and helping one another in tasks that weren’t necessarily in their job description – dedication and hard work are exactly what helped us make Anaia a success. The whole process, from September 2017 to March 2018, was truly fulfilling and extremely enjoyable.”

“As much work as it was I genuinely really miss it – I don’t know what to do with all this extra time now.”

“I’ve learnt a great deal and am very grateful to have had this experience. One skill I have learnt, in particular, is networking – something I don’t think I could have learnt to the degree I did elsewhere. Anaia has allowed me to understand and even enter the fashion industry at a very professional level, I aspire to work in fashion so this has proven to be very useful for my future.”

Click here to see photos from the Anaia 2018 

Photos by, Aryan Bellani, Tatjana Foong, Janice Cheung, Nicole So, Avantika Malhotra