8 Oct 2021

Year 8 – Explore Gender Inequality in Renaissance

In Year 8’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) – Humanities, Da Vinci students reflected on the challenges faced by women during the Renaissance period.

Through the statement of inquiry of their current unit, Cultural expression reflects the time, place and space of the artists that created it”, students conducted research on gender inequality issues such as ‘Why don’t we know much about women artists during the Renaissance?’ and ‘How can we promote women artists who reflect the same skills and ideas as men in the Renaissance period?’.

To make it more creative, students selected an artist and took on the role of marketing manager. They created social media posts using Canva to promote their artists. At the end of the lessons, students voted for the female artist that would represent Da Vinci House! The winner is Sofonisba Anguissola! An Italian Artist who demonstrates realism and portraits in her art.

A special thank you to Mr Wong for helping to set up the display in the classroom.