9 Sep 2015

Exploding squares and trebuchet launchers – prefects prepare for Year 8 Camp.

In preparation for Year 8 camp 17 prefects spent 4-5th Sep at Tai Mei Tuk developing their leadership and organisation skills before “going wild” with 180 12-year olds.

Working with Asia Pacific Adventure the Year 12 prefects were set different challenges like working in teams to go through a landmine field of foam squares or building a catapult that could fire tennis balls across the helipad.

They also had discussions about how best to deal with home sickness and how to use their strengths as a team to make Year 8 camp the best experience possible.

Year eight camp is from 2nd -6th November at Tai Mei Tuk, Gilwell and Tai Tam.

Chemistry Teacher Toni Astridge said: “I was real impressed with the team, they showed really commitment to the challenges they took on. And I am  confident in their leadership skills, Year 8 camp is going to be great.”