22 Jan 2020

ESF University Fair 2020

Students met with admissions representatives from 141 visiting institutions around the globe at the ESF University Fair on 20th January.

Hosted by KGV, Year 12 students and parents across all ESF schools met and spoke with representatives to find out more about the wide variety of programmes on offer as well as campus life at the Institutes.

“This year’s University Fair was definitely an eye-opening experience for myself and other students. It allowed me to have the opportunity to talk to numerous universities and gave me many options for my higher education. Everyone there was very friendly and gave me a deeper insight of university life and this has helped me considerably in planning my future career path,” said Ka Chun Lai (12R).

Another student, Barbie Wang (12N) also commented:

“For me, attending University Fairs such as this one was a fantastic way to make connections with key people at different universities such as admissions officers as well as current students. Not only did I feel more confident and prepared for when it comes to the time to apply to universities, but I also gained a greater insight into how I can develop my personal statement and showcase my individuality, and I look forward to seeing what the next fair has to offer!”