2 Mar 2016

Adventurer Tells Students ‘Say Yes More’

Dave Cornthwaite an English adventurer with a few world records and a terrible fear of motors told Island School students, on 29th Feb 2016, “That adventure comes in different shapes and sizes.”IMG_0665edit

Cornthwaite talked about his life post university, living in South Wales as the ‘world’s worst graphic designer’ using his free time to play on a Playstation. When his cat jumped on his bed one morning he realised that his feline friend was going to have a better day than him! From then on he changed his life, deciding to skateboard across Australia. Cornthwaite’s 3618 mile journey from Perth to Brisbane became the longest skateboard journey in history. He is now 11 journeys into Expedition 1000, his pursuit of 25 journeys of over 1000 miles, each using a different form of non-motorised transport.

In his address to students he said; “Take your work seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.” And “Say yes more!”

Year 11 student Jordan Wathall; “Dave is truly an inspirational man. He decided to change his life around and as a result he is one of the happiest people I have ever seen. He talks about meeting people who don’t let doubt or disabilities hold them back. He’s achieved every goal he has set out and is seeking to do more, his motivation and will-power far exceeds mine. Some day I wish to be as happy and as accomplished as he.”

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